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Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
Suzanne has practised yoga since 1970 and qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. 
Over the years, she has studied with many yoga teachers including Kausthub Desikachar, John Stirk, Gary Carter, Billy Doyle, Monica Burton, Christine Harrison, Shanti Ruspal,Tara Patel, Roz Anderson, Olga Levitt, Sylviane Gianina, Karen Lewis and Miriam Freedman.
In 1970 Suzanne also became an astrologer, writing and editing a monthly magazine for Phyllis Naylor called "Naylors Monthly Forecast".  She was also a committee member of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society and was co-leader of the Harrow branch of the British Astrological and Psychic Society in the late 70's.
In the early 70's Suzanne first learnt meditation with Irina Tweedy.
Suzanne studied astrology with teachers such as Phyllis Naylor, Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Ron Davison, Roger Elliot, John Addey, Michael Meyer Stephen Arryo, Zipporah Dobbins and many others.  She also studied the Tarot with Juliet Sharman-Burke. 
It was through astrology that Suzanne became interestred in psychotherapy and was heavily influenced by the workshops she attended and the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology run by Ian Gordon Brown and Barbara Sommers. 
She was also influenced by the work of Jean Houston and Marion Woodman.
In 1980 she trained at the Institute for Psychotherapy and Social Studies in psychoanalytic and humanistic psychotherapy and in 1983 qualified with a Dip Psych.  Whilst there Suzanne trained with R. D. Laing, John Rowan, Dina Glouberman, Alix Pirani and David Bodella, Ann Dickson, Tom Feldberg and Dr. Morton Schatzman.
In 1983 Suzanne went on to deepen her training in humanistic and transpersonal psychology at the School for Independent Studies at North East London polytechnic and particularly enjoyed a module on person centred groupwork lead by Tony Merry.  She gained a Dip H.E. after 2 years there.  Suzanne also trained as a rebirther with Ma Shunya Primera and Chris Scammon and in primal integration with William Emerson, Alison Hunter , Shirley Ward and Stanislav Grof.
In the mid 80's Suzanne was a committee member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology.  She also studied Tai Chi with Beverley Milne.
Her work was also informed by Krishnamurti and Sogyal Rimpoche at this time.
In 1990, whilst recovering from anorexia, Suzanne worked for the Gulf Support Group where she met Princess Diana.
In 1991 she was invited to run a support group the the Eating Disorders Association in Watford, which she ran until 2002.
In 1997 she brought out a meditation tape called "Healing Your Eating Disorder" which was very well received by the eating disorders community.  A few copies are still for sale.
It was after swimming with dolphins in Mexico in 2002, Suzanne decided to train as a yoga teacher.  Choosing to train with the British Wheel of Yoga which is the most prestigious yoga organisation in the U.K. and the only one recognised by the Sports Council.
In 2003, Suzanne trained as a Reiki Healer and also gained the YMCA fitness advisor certificate.  She is also a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.
She also became involved with the Dolphin Dome Project, initiated by Dr Horace Dobbs, a scheme to bring the experience of swimming with Dolphins to people who are physically unable to undertake the task.